Corporate Governance



Every employee of the Company must comply with applicable laws and regulations. The corporate standards of ethics are also built upon this principle.

Conflicts of Interest

Every employee of the Company must acknowledege that the Company’s interest comes first. Therefore, any conduct,whether personal, on behalf of the Company, or in relation to other parties, must not compromise or jeopardize the interest of the Company

Insider Trading and Exploitation  of Opportunities

Every employee of the Company who, by virtue of chance or authority, obtains access to confidential information is prohibited from using or distributing that information for gaining financial profit through stock trade or any other types of activity. Furthermore, an employee of the Company is prohibited from using any asset, information or one’s position in the Company for improper personal gains, or to be in competition with the Company, whether directly or indirectly. 

Fair Competition and Working Relationship

Every employee of the Company must compete in a fairly manner and commit themselves into developing a fair relationship with all parties.

Discrimination and Abuse

Every employee of the Company is prohibited from practicing discriminatory treatment toward anyone or any other party on the basis of ethnicity, religion, race and social class. The Company also does not tolerate physical or psychological abuse in any form within the Company.

Health and Safety

Every employee of the Company holds the responsibility of maintaining a safe and healthy working environment. This responsibility is fulfilled by consistently complying with all applicable health and safety regulations and standards in accordance with internal regulations as well as prevailing laws.

Use of Proper Accounting Practices

The Company requires that all data recording and reporting activities are carried out in a proper and accurate manner in order to support a reliable business decision-making process. This practice encompasses the implementation of ethical standards for employees, proper accounting practices, and the preparation of reports in an accurate, timely and comprehensible manner.

Trade Secrets and Confidentiality

Every employee of the Company is prohibited from disclosing, duplicating, keeping or using confidential information regarding the Company for personal gains or for the benefit of another party other than the Company without prior written consent from the Company. The information can include formulas, designs, images, blueprints, specifications, processes, equipment, researches, or any other forms of information. Furthermore, an employee is also prohibited from disclosing information related to the Company’s products, financial state, or any other information, except as determined necessary in carrying out one’s respective duties and responsibilities.